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Are you unable to do the things you love to do because of a nagging injury, ongoing pain, or weakness?

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We empower motivated people to prevent or recover from injuries...without the need for pain medications, expensive MRI's, unnecessary surgery or injections!

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One-on-One Care

You are our focus. Our business model allows for our Doctor of Physical Therapy to work with you the entire time of your session. You will never be treated by support staff or left alone on a machine.

From Head to Toe

Our full-body (holistic) approach to physical therapy is more effective because it allows us to get to the root of your problem. By looking at your whole body, we are able to provide targeted treatment that addresses the underlying issue causing your pain or injury. 

Customized Packages

Are you trying to return to your workouts, CrossFit,  run a marathon, hobbies, play with your kids or just enjoying life without pain? We will design a package unique to your needs and goals, to get you back quickly to what you love to do.

Cost Transparency

Covenant Physical Therapy will never send you "unexpected surprise bills" or "hidden fees".  You will know all costs prior to all treatments.

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