Do Your Knees Hurt When You Get Up From A Chair? 

Snap, Crackle Pop! Sounds familiar??? 

Do Your Knees Hurt When You Get Up From A Chair? Here's Why 

Have you ever experienced pain in your knees when you try to get up from a chair? You're not alone. This is a common problem that affects many people. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the reasons why your knees might be hurting when you get up from a chair and what you can do about it.

Letting Your Knees Come Over Your Toes

One reason why your knees might hurt when you get up from a chair is that you're letting your knees come over your toes. This puts a lot of strain on the knee joint and can cause pain. To avoid this, try scooting to the edge of your chair before you get up. This way, when you stand up, your knees won't shoot forward over your toes, and it will help you use your glutes a little bit more, taking some pressure off the knee joint.

Weakness and Stiffness

Another reason why your knees might be hurting is that they're weak and stiff. Your patella or kneecap may be grinding a little bit when you go to get up from the chair. To solve this issue, you need to strengthen the right muscles that will help improve alignment. You can find many of these exercises in different strength training exercises or Pilates-based movements.


If you have arthritis, you may experience knee pain when you get up from a chair. This is because arthritis can cause inflammation and stiffness in the knee joint. But do not worry, arthritis is not a death sentence, but more like a wrinkle on the inside.

I know I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes and I am still able to see and live my life normally:) And just like wrinkles on the inside, you can still live yours to the fullest and even run, climb, and bend with arthritis. Do not let it slow you down, but come in for a 30-minute assessment to learn how to keep moving with less pain and more motion. We treat knee arthritis successfully all time and have people running (literally) without any more need for injections, pain meds, and total knee replacements.

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