Is Running Bad for you? 

I had a neighbor that used to tell me every time he saw me run, “ you better stop running or you will have to get all your joints replaced like I did!”

Mr. Cornetti had a reason to be concerned about me. He had both knees AND his hips replaced over the years and had run his whole life. It only made sense. 

He would see me running the coldesaks in my parents' neighborhood, 3.5 times around was 1 mile. I started running that probably around age 12. I still run it when I go home now at 39, and I run by his house and wonder if he is shaking his head at me.

Well is he right?

Should we all just start swimming like Mr. Cornetti?

Well, running does not = joint replacements. I could tell you that from my own research and all these years of seeing post-surgical patients.

Some people have been not active at all, and have had joint replacement surgery.

Some have been more middle-of-the-road active.

And some have run ultra marathons.

Some people do not move when they start to hurt and get even worse and you wonder if they could have missed having the surgery altogether if they had taken better care of themselves.

This is where I come in. I am trying to save 1,000 people from unnecessary surgery. 

As we know, not everyone with a “bad” x-ray, has pain.

I feel the best when I move. I feel great after a run. After a stretch. And after lifting weights and doing Pilates, Yoga, or Bar.

Do not limit yourself to what you are allowed to do, but instead focus your energy on knowing your body, and what are your weakness/ways you can improve.

I can help you find those!

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