Neck Pain is Normal?

Did you know that...

54% of individuals have experienced neck pain within the past 6 months? 

50% of neck pain/symptoms will last longer than 12 months (Cote 2008).

44% of patients with neck pain will turn into chronic pain ( Hurwitz 2008).

50-85% of patients with neck pain will have a recurrence within 1-5 years (Halderman 2008).

The good news is that research also shows that manual therapy (hands on) plus exercise (the right ones!), do work and are quite effective eliminating neck pain (Miller 2010). 

So what are you waiting for? For your neck pain to just go away? A little rest may be good, but there is a reason why your neck is hurting, and you must find the root of the problem. And that is what we do at Covenant Physical Therapy. We complete a total body diagnostic exam to find what areas are not moving properly and are contributing to your pain. We will give you a primary and secondary diagnosis and teach you how to treat yourself at home. You will not need to come see us forever to stay "aligned" but you will be taught what to do to maintain your posture, mobility, and stability. 

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