The Myth: “I can’t run I have bad knees…”

A friend told me the other day that she ruined her knees playing basketball in high school so she has had to come to the realization that she can no longer run. I was stunned! She was so active in high school and college. We used to lift weights together, and do these killer isometric deep lunges that would leave us unable to go down the stair for days afterwards.

And now this friend, considers herself limited in the activity she wants to perform.

She said every time she runs, afterwards her knees are sore. I asked her where her pain was and she said she felt it deep but also in her knee caps. The pain scared her and so she decided she must just walk

After a quick exam, I saw what her real problem was…she thought she had “worn them out” at the ripe old age of 35…..and what I found was not a knee problem at all.

She definitely had a tight IT band, contributing to her knee cap pain, but also when she put weight on her legs in a single leg stance, her hips were unable to stablize and her knees were taking all the force.

Have you ever given up on an activity you love such as hiking, biking, yoga, or heavy weight lifting because you felt you were damaging something?

What if you could keep doing the activities you love and even improve your form, abilities, and increase your speed and strength?

How important is it to you to stay active as you age?

I know I plan on keeping on running as long as possible. I see a lady in my neighborhood running several times a week who really inspires me…she must be in her late 60s and she still runs.

Did you know running does not actually wear out your joints? But you know what does? Loss of strength and poor alignment due to mobility issues.

Why not keep your joints as healthy as possible and let us give you a full exam to keep you fit, healthy, and mobile for years to come?

And keep your feeling better, faster, stronger, for longer!