What is the best way to run? 

Heel strike or forefoot?

Lean forward or perfectly upright?

Barefoot running or with arch supports?

There has been a lot of information out there about the best way to run to avoid injury. I remember the fad was for a while was saying to not strike with the heel first, because when the kids run in Africa, they run naturally on the mid/forefoot and the shoes change the mechanics of your stride.

Another rumor was do not run on treadmills because it changes the mechanics of running. That is not true either. Running on a treadmill actually may be a great way to have a more cushioned run on your joints and give you a great workout because you know your speed/pace as well can challenge yourself with hills.

The best way to run…is to run strong!!

If you want to be a fast runner, if you want to run longer…if you want to run with better form…you must be strong.

Running is not enough. 

You must do resistance training.

You must work your core and posture muscles.

And you must stretch.

But never before.

Always AFTER a run.

Do single leg activities to challenge your balance and your ability to stabilize.

Everything else is not that important.

Don’t get caught up in the debates.

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