Women and Low Back Pain

Women start to loose muscle mass at the age of 30 years old, at a rate of 1% per year.

 Because of this muscle loss and as well as other contributing factors (posture, pregnancies, bending over to care for children, etc) a toll is taken on the body, especially the low back.

Women need regular strength training, mobility exercises, and muscle re-education to be able to stay active and not in pain.

I know as a woman, if I am not consistently working my weak spots, moving my tight spots, and releasing my tension I start to hurt quick.  But because of the craziness of life, sometimes these things get neglected and pushed aside because of work, picking up the house, teaching children, helping others, being with your husband after the kids go to bed...the list goes on.

Why not take 10 minutes now to work on yourself and do a quick youtube workout or go on a walk? Here is a channel I like for women to build strength (and men can benefit too!) and this one requires no equipment. We can all make time for 10 minutes.

Working your core muscles as well as hip muscles, will help support your low back and help reduce your pain.  Just makes sure you are not increasing your pain above a 4/10 with these exercises. You may have to modify the range of motion if too difficult or painful. 

Your body was made to move! So lets go...